Musik & tekst: Harpo

You feel like Steve McQueen
When you’re drivin’ in your car
And you think you look like James Bond
When you’re smokin’ your cigar
It’s so bizarre
You think you are a new kind of James Dean,
But the only thing I’ve ever seen of you
Was a commercial spot on the screen…

Movie star, oh, movie star,
You think you are a movie…
Movie star, oh, movie star,
you think you are a movie star, ah ah ah…

You should belong to the jet set
Fly your own private learjet
But you worked in a grocery store
Every day until you could afford to get away.
So you went to Sweden to meet Ingmar Bergman
He wasn’t there or he just didn’t care.
I think it’s time for you, my friend,
to stop pretending that you are a…

Movie star, oh, movie star…

Frozen hero
Your words are zero,
Your dreams have vanished into dark long ago
But you’re the one to know…

(Movie star, oh, movie star, ah, ah, ah)
You think you are a movie…